p-mount cartridges

A resource for p-mount phono cartridge users

Free FLAC high resolution demo files

Demo files are available for the following cartridges: 

  • Audio Technica AT92ED
  • Digitrac 300 SE
  • Empire 1080 LT
  • Grado Prestige Black
  • Grado Prestige Red1
  • LPGear T4P Reference Series VS (AT with Shibata stylus)
  • Ortofon OMP40
  • Ortofon X1-MCP
  • Pickering TL4s
  • Shure M92E
  • Shure M92 body with N97xE stylus
  • Sonus SPM-4
  • Sony XL-MC104P
  • Stanton L720EE
  • Technics P22 (with Technics 202ED stylus)
  • Technics P22 (with Jico SAS stylus)
  • Technics P540
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Please be aware of the following:
These files are provided for the sole purpose of evaluating the phono cartridge that was used for the recording. They should not be kept after your evaluation, nor distributed. Copyright remains the property of the original content owner - and they retain the right to request a files removal from this site.

Download FLAC files

Notes on the Music Files

All phono cartridges sound different - some markedly so. Depending on the music genres you listen to most, a particular cartridge may suit you more than others. By comparing the music files you can hear the differences.

The Orchestral file presents a full orchestra with a large percussion section in a piece with a wide dynamic range recorded in a spacious acoustic. The timbres of various instruments will differ slightly with different cartridges, as will the presentation of the acoustic, and the ability to resolve detail in loud climaxes.

The Baroque file is an orchestral piece with moderate dynamics for string and woodwind tone evaluation. 

The Piano file - actually two pianos - is a percussive piece allowing not only the piano tone to be assessed but the transient attack on the notes too.

The Female Vocal file lets the cartridges loose on a breathy vocal followed by an equally breathy saxophone solo.

The Big Band Jazz file is not the customary swing-outfit, but a trumpet/horn/trombone led ensemble with hammond organ solos. This is characterised by high energy percussion, and fruity, raspy trombones. UK residents over a certain age may recognise it as TV theme tune.

Delicate percussion and vibraphone tone, along with sax solos distinguish the Jazz Fusion track. The opening bars with the intricate hi-hat pattern, quiet bells and soft cymbal splashes are a great test of a cartridges resolving power.

Afrobeat - nothing delicate here: drum and bass high energy . . . 

And lastly, from a 1970s "sonic spectacular" a pop-band with added synth lines, including a high frequency solo that scoots around the sound stage.